Rani Devriendt


Het was een opleiding met strikte regels, harde aanpak en woorden die je soms niet graag hoort maar die opbouwende kritiek en ingestampte discipline heeft mij wel enorm van mijn luie en slordige manier van werken af geholpen. Dankzij Sandy werk ik fulltime als een professionele, hardwerkende tattooeur met verantwoordelijkheid en constante drang to get bigger and better.

Steven Turneer


Sai Thaiyingyong


It was a great experience, to me the learning period (free session) was an exciting moment. Everyday I’ve got to meet a new people and made new tattoo’s. At the end of the program I’ve made about 45 tattoos in one month, I’ve learned so much. I was exhausted but never get bored of it.

Even now I still learn everyday on every tattoo, the differences between each position on the body, each person have a different type, tone of skin and that gives an excitement feeling. Inksane is a great place to work and learn, we have so much good artists you can learn from. By watching or asking questions, Inksane is the best teacher and guest artist too. I love it!

Johra Ait Messaoud

INSTA: @penumbran_tattoo

Eleni Verschaeve

INSTA: @by.elenii

Aliona Boutorina